Trends Contemporary Living Room Decoration 2016

trend living room 2016

start looking at trends contemporary decoration living for 2016. Yes, of course that we at electhouse, have already made our little research on this subject. Today we would like to share with you what we found because it is really very interesting. Colors and different prints, ecological materials and metallic finishes – these are the most important accents of contemporary living room Decoration in 2016. contemporary living room decoration in blue shades The first

Modular Sofa Ideas for Your Small Dog

canape bois meuble chien bois design.jpg

nowadays, pets are an important member of the family. We then want to ensure a healthy and comfortable life. Fortunately, several designers inspired by their love for animals, there have already thought! Today we present you a modular sofa with Doghouse. If you really like a lot your little Darling and you want it to be next to you comfortably sitting down when you read a book or watch a

Healthy Living Home Ideas from New Zealand

modern home design

Healthy Living Home Ideas from New Zealand – have you ever thought about the alphabet as inspiration for creative home design? Studio Creation of architecture completed development of the magic House M. a family of simple residences in Auckland, New Zealand: “this little project casts a glare at it, as well as small change and additions can make a positive contribution to a way of life. The newest addition to

36 Dining Room Ideas with Industrial Style Inside

dining room industrial style

told that fashion is cyclical and it is same for the interior design. In recent years there is a resurgence of styles and trends regarded as old-fashioned and boring in the 1990’s. Styles as Art decor and 50-60 years are revitalized today by contemporary designers who give them a modern and elegant touch. but the style that seems to have the greatest impact in the decoration inside these last time

35 Transparent Chairs Ideas for Dining Room Decor

chaises transparentes salle a manger idees.jpg

transparent chairs made from acrylic have become very modern for a few years. Transparent acrylic is a thermoplastic material that looks to the glass but which, in addition, is impact resistant. Sustainable and airy, this material has come under many different names, including Plexiglas. so, what is it that makes choose this transparent material for the decoration of the dining room? transparent chairs combined with modern wood tables first, the fact that