Neutral and Warm Modern Kitchen Design 2016

Neutral and Warm Modern Kitchen Design 2016 – To create the impression of warm, you can add wood shades to the modern kitchen design. Shades of wood is one of the famous can give the impression of a warm and comfortable. Gathered and activities in the warm modern kitchen will become more familiar and comfortable. Application color is often adapted to the function of the kitchen. Area often used as “get-together”, then choose warm colors in kitchen design, in order to feel more familiar. As warm modern kitchen design in 2016. Overall, the kitchen is clearly a modern design and elegant. Colors yellow and shades of wood make the kitchen appear to be warm. warm is what eventually helped create the “familiarity”.

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warm kitchen floor tilesGame indirect light from the ceiling and the bottom of the cabinet wall, adding a dramatic impression. Light yellowish, supports warm impression you want to display. Indirect light obtained by concealing the light source. Typically made in ceiling, wall panels, the bottom of the cabinet wall, or in a wall cabinet. Especially for the lamp that is placed under a wall cabinet, besides creating indirect light, also functions as a light table top as a work area.

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contemporary and modern kitchen designThe kitchen is no longer a private area or the service area should be placed hidden. In the modern houses, the kitchen has become a gathering place for family and friends. Cook or eat together, while conversing, can be done here.

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