Modern Kitchen Design with Aquarium by Darren Morgan

Kitchen with Aquarium – Designer from Northern Ireland Darren Morgan created the Dynamic Kitchen to demonstrate how to make the kitchen seem more “alive”. He wanted this kitchen come alive within the architecture surrounding to meet the needs of the functional level. Design below has interactive light settings, three meter long aquarium and also LED energy saving that can transform a common dining room into a coffee shop, living room, a nightclub and a restaurant. The door can be operated remotely, make the aquarium a breath of life so that adding customization kitchen and color as a mood controller. His purpose is to encourage the relationship between the user and the kitchen additionally have functions that are tailored to the lifestyle of the user. Aesthetic satisfaction is one of the main reasons this design so that it can be said that the kitchen is no longer a zone that is no longer static but there are interesting sides happens. Clearly, this kitchen fits any social occasion or time of day thus users will feel at the right time. These versatile kitchen pictures can be seen below.

Aquarium For Kitchen Design

Kitchen Sliding Storage Ideas By Darren Morgan

Kitchen Design Refrigerator For Modern Kitchen By Darren Morgan

Modern Kitchen Design Aquarium With Blue Light

Modern Kitchen Design With Wooden Table Furniture

Modern Kitchen Design Aquarium With Blue Lighting

Unique Kitchen Sliding Storage By Darren Morgan

Wooden Kitchen Table With Green Light

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