Modern Grey Kitchen Design ideas by Jeanne Rapone

As you see, the design of this grey kitchen created by Jeanne Rapone. Grey does not mean something useless or even something dusty, but grey can give description  like fabulous and very impressive. It also offers color combinations and variety of possibilities. Furthermore, by adding a splash of lime yellow to the pocket door increasingly looks interesting. In her work, she also acquired a youthful and also invigorating kitchen. So fresh!

The work of Jeanne is so good because she could manage to integrate thick marble and continuously for those who see this modern kitchen for the first time finally will quickly impressed. There are the traditional elements such as the framed windows, the French doors and the built in China cabinet that obviously can be catches by the eye. Clearly, Jeanne also said, modern kitchens should give inspiration with style and quality. It can be proven that the idea of having grey kitchen is great specifically if you decorate it with classy touching.

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Modern Grey Kitchen Design Ideas By Jeanne Rapone

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