Chic Design Ideas for Tiny Small Kitchen

Only have limited space for the kitchen area? Do not be discouraged. See this tiny kitchen. The area is only 2.5m long. While the width of the cabinet plus extensive for his path, only 1.5m. However, with a total area of ​​less than 4m,

Tiny Small Kitchen “first line” is wisely apply the color white as the main color. Thus, the narrow space in disguise and can seem more spacious. The sides of the door of the kitchen set overlaid with (high pressure laminated) is red. The placement of the red color, from a distance look like a trim of white duko used in cabinet. As a result, the display kitchen This set became more attractive with a touch of red a little peek.

Applications red color also applied to the back drop, using 6mm glass. While the black granite table top is closed, and most of the cabinet is accented coffee brown wood coatings. Design cabinet itself is made closed so small kitchen always looks tidy. With all the combinations, ranging shapes, colors and choice of materials, the kitchen also looks more compact and chic

tiny small kitchen

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