Modern Interior Design Ideas from Oscar Properties

This time Oscar Properties did a fantastic job looking project ever done. They turn an old building factory into a dwelling house that we can make good for inspiration. With modern interior design of this place does not look like a old building factory anymore.

oscar properties modern living room interior design

oscar properties modern interior design

oscar properties modern dining room interior design

oscar properties modern bedroom interior design

oscar properties modern bathroom interior design

modern kitchen interior design

modern interior designChocolate Factory is a piece of industrial history that is situated in the midst Kungsholmens rich folklore, on Fridhemsgatan 53 and Industrial Road 2. The building is just as the name suggests, a former chocolate factory, and with a long and colorful history. The confectionery company Chocolate-Thule was established in 1910 and the chocolate factory was completed in the late 1920s. In the 1970s, the building was sold and converted simultaneously to the office. Chocolate Factory is a period of factory building from the 1920s with large-paned windows and high ceilings. A solid and hefty building erected in an architecture that over the decades has only become more and more beautiful. The character and location make chocolate factory into a very attractive house in the best location.

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