Interior Design Ideas Blending Classic and Modern by Sergey Makhno

Classic and modern interior By collaborating two subjects styles, Classic design and Modern design, the brightest architect, Sergey Makhno acquired an attractive effect, creating a very wonderful living environment, beautifully decorated. He also completed and finished the interior of this lavish in Kiev, Ukraine. Between modern and ancient can be seen look like the brick walls, the old wooden framed chairs and the modern sliding doors. Although the contrast is coming up, the place looks good and flawlessly balanced. Another dominant color is exactly brown (giving different nuances). Besides, the brick wall and the gorgeous floor also define the interior with the antique wooden furniture and the lavish long curtains increasingly added the harmony.

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Brick Walls And Classic Living Room Interior

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Sergey Makhno Modern Interior Ideas

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Speaking honestly, the eclectic blend of wood, concrete and bricks can be mentioned very impressive and very incredible. The living room, the dining room and the kitchen area are imagined as one, a continuous and liquid space. In order to make the out most of the available space, some of the actual doors were replaced by sliding doors so that the right decorations looks interesting classical. Let’s see Interior Design Ideas Blending Classic and Modern by  Sergey Makhno.

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