Freedom of Movement Provided in Contemporary Modern Home

Contemporary modern home in the middle of wood located in the rural Quebec, Maison du Boisé. The clients wanted a home that is modern, without minimalist result. Then, Gestion René Desjardins answered the challenge and obtained their clients accurately by completing the interior of this particular house. Furthermore, a space should be provided for their three children to make them get freedom of movement.

The designers decided to create a pleasant place, by offering the excitement of all kinds. Beautiful spherical chandeliers adorn the living and the dining room and playful tones of purple add some invigorating to the ambiance. Last but not least, large windows complete the decor, showing the pretty green site, inviting you to go relaxation, enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and explore the surrounding comfortably.

Bathroom With Purple Door

Basement Home Plan

Chandelier Lamp At Modern Living Room

Dining Room Design With Gergous Purple Chairs

Detail Playful Clear Chairs

First Floor Home Plan

Large Modern Living Room Design

Large Bedroom Design Ideas With Nature View

Lounge Room With Nature View

Modern Bathroom Design With Minimalist Furniture

Modern Grey Kitchen

Second Floor Home Plan

Second Floor Dining Room With Clear Chairs

Spacious Living Room With Big Crystal Lamp

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