Futuristic Chair Designs: Leaf Folding Chair from Folditure

Futuristic Chair Leaf Folding Chair

It looks truly unusual and very futuristic chair; this is a folding chair having solid seat, a high back ,and also comfortable shape. It displays kind of natural and futuristic and work of art at the same time. Folditure this Leaf Folding Chair has been designed by the designer Alexander Gendell. There are several colors available. It can be used anywhere or saying flexible in a dining room, a living

Stylish and Unique Chair Design By Martz Edition

stylish and unique curved chair design by martz edition

The stylish chair is one of unique furniture to beautify in any room in your house. Just look at this product, these ones are beautiful, stylish and absolutely very functional that can decorate any interior. The structure of the chairs is made in plywood or metal. There are three main versions – Tube, Ellipse and Galaxy, each consisting of two to four different models. Special side is the curved plywood