Simple Home Design Eco Friendly and Energy Saving

simple home design

Simple Home Design – Lifestyle began to lead to Eco friendly. Eco friendly can be applied also to the design of the house. That is what appears from these simple home design. Eco Friendly and Energy Saving. The sunlight can enter the house through a number of openings. So that during the day the house does not need the light of a lamp. Occupancy designed by Edward Suzuki and Daiwa

Subline Innovative Home Design from Johan Danielsson

innovative home design

Johan Danielsson has created an innovative home design something that is very difficult and progress to something simple and orderly. By sub line they have developed a scale able house where you can combine and adapt to family needs. Here too the whole family an opportunity to participate in creating a future home. Behind sub line architecture reminiscent of small building blocks. Here, they are not the buildings that you