Warm Interior Design with a Touch of Stone, Iron and Wood

warm interior design decorating

Three elements of the material appearing on the warm interior design: stone, iron and wood. Marked by a large living room overlooking a double height loft upstairs. Bright colors displayed on the wall with a portion of the original stone at sight accentuate the brightness of the room. Metal elements appear on the ladder, the color black iron fireplace. Atmosphere equipped with white furniture and wooden floors. The upper level

Interior Design for Home: Neutral, Comfortable and Cozy

neutral interior design for home with overstuffed sofa

This time interior design for home inspiration comes from the color neutral. Of neutral colors can be something soothing and comfortable, as seen from the interior of this design. But here is a quite rare person who like neutral colors to be applied in the Interior design at home, maybe because they think a neutral color more boring color. Probably thought it could be little changed after seeing the interior