Warm Interior Design with a Touch of Stone, Iron and Wood

warm interior design decorating

Three elements of the material appearing on the warm interior design: stone, iron and wood. Marked by a large living room overlooking a double height loft upstairs. Bright colors displayed on the wall with a portion of the original stone at sight accentuate the brightness of the room. Metal elements appear on the ladder, the color black iron fireplace. Atmosphere equipped with white furniture and wooden floors. The upper level

Interior Design Ideas Blending Classic and Modern by Sergey Makhno

Modern And Classic Interior Blend At Home

Classic and modern interior By collaborating two subjects styles, Classic design and Modern design, the brightest architect, Sergey Makhno acquired an attractive effect, creating a very wonderful living environment, beautifully decorated. He also completed and finished the interior of this lavish in Kiev, Ukraine. Between modern and ancient can be seen look like the brick walls, the old wooden framed chairs and the modern sliding doors. Although the contrast is

Modern Interior Design Ideas from Oscar Properties

oscar properties modern living room interior design

This time Oscar Properties did a fantastic job looking project ever done. They turn an old building factory into a dwelling house that we can make good for inspiration. With modern interior design of this place does not look like a old building factory anymore. Chocolate Factory is a piece of industrial history that is situated in the midst Kungsholmens rich folklore, on Fridhemsgatan 53 and Industrial Road 2. The