Healthy Living Home Ideas from New Zealand

modern home design

Healthy Living Home Ideas from New Zealand – have you ever thought about the alphabet as inspiration for creative home design? Studio Creation of architecture completed development of the magic House M. a family of simple residences in Auckland, New Zealand: “this little project casts a glare at it, as well as small change and additions can make a positive contribution to a way of life. The newest addition to

Modern Home with Beautiful View in Costa Rica

Bedroom Design With Ocean View At Costa Rica

Located in on top of a dramatic cliff, the residence has a view of the Pacific Ocean and the beautiful green beach, this awesome house was designed by architect Victor Canas and located in the province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. By having beautiful view with a beautiful view of the sea and of course the stunning panorama so that it is predictable and would be very hard for anyone to

Modern Home Design with French Oak on Ceiling and Floors

Living Room Design Idea With Big Lcd Tv At Naramata Modern Home

Nice Modern home design that you can find quite varied from each other. Had a dream of every person to have a beautiful and comfortable home to live. Home design is very important for the design to be the most influential for the beauty. As you see in the picture,  the modern home was inspired by the surrounding geography and client sketches. Located in Lake Okanagan, in British Columbia, Canada,