Modern Home Design Ideas with Basement from Geijer Arsitektur

modern home design ideas with basement

he Modern Home Design with Basement from Geijer Arsitektur of 200 m2 is designed with a clear horizontal plane in which the projecting canopy roof and terrace is contoured and form the main mold elements. This house is called a single house but built on the second floor and thus make the house look bigger than you might imagine. Downstairs is half on land but has been constructed with a

Family Residence with a Green Facade Design in Vietnam

green building vietnam 2.jpg

The architects society in modern residences in Saigon construction finished Kft. your company Nghia Trong of Vietnam. This residence is in the shape of 4 meters wide and 20 meters high tunnel was built for the thirty year old couple and their mother. The building with the name “green Mound” differs from the others by its unique facade, characterized by a large number of terraces decorated with solid green flower

Powerhouse Company Integrates in Traditional Danish Home

Minimalist Home Design Ideas From Denmark

The Village House located in northern Sjælland, in Denmark can be considered a fresh home. The area was quite populated with traditional Danish homes. The residence was designed by as a holiday home the residence was designed by Powerhouse Company. It describes several views generating a variety of scenery, outdoor areas and light effects.  It enables variety of meaning that the house provides an enjoyable environment all year round and at all times

Modern Home Design in Sydney with Eclectic Interior Design Ideas

Living Room Design Ideas In Sydney With Colorful And Eclectic Design Ideas

Home with Eclectic Interior – The interior of this home is funny, eclectic and also full of color such as accessories canvases and colorful pieces of furniture. This house renovation located in West Sydney just in the facade due to save some original design details. Clearly, the front facade kept true with authentic details with truly no reference to the recent modern addition. Inside, the dining room chairs are also

Seaside Modern Home Design with Luxury Interior by Touzet Studio

Seaside Home Design Ideas With Luxury Interior By Touzet Studio

By unifying and reconciling two different styles: modern and historically an attractive residential project completed called Coral Gables House created by Touzet Studio. Located in Miami California where the award-winning architect and design firm. Located on the seaside where the landscape is getting pretty sight and definitely one of a very cool place that breathes sophistication and comfort. The owners are committed to have a house full of life and