Modern Minimalist House Design by Measured Architecture

small house design ideas by measured architecture

This time the modern minimalist house design inspiration comes from the work Measured Architecture, located in Vancouver Canada. This House type presented the House these days. The basic concept of this House design is to minimize the surface area of the House for the benefit of outside space in the vicinity. We can see that concept can be presented by modern minimalist house design by Measured Architecture, a building aesthetic

Minimalist Home Design “One Roof House” from MLNP Architects

minimalist home design ideas

Minimalist home is still a trend. Limitations of land makes a lot of home made high not widened. One is the “One Roof House” project belongs MLNP Architects located in Pan-gyo, on the outskirts of Seoul, South Korea. Minimalist Home Design “One Roof House” built on an area of 228 square meters. The house is designed with elongated so that the model does not look wide. Minimalist Home Design “One