Float Home Design Work of Friday Architects

float home design

The house this one really floats and can sail like a ship! Friday Architects has created a float home like a ship named “The Float wing”. This floating house can sail up to 7 days at a speed of 3 knots (5.5 km / h). Such as residential in general, this float home also has Living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen. More surprisingly, this float home has luxurious amenities, like a

Floating House Plans Design at Thailand by Agaligo Studio

floating house design thailand

This floating house is Located in the famous mountainous environment and next to the bridge on the River Kwai Kanchanaburi, Thailand and designed by Agaligo Studio. These floating house are the element that distinguishes the rest of Thailand Kanchanaburi. floating house is their incarnation the most modern and comfortable while keeping the authentic aspect of these magical floating house. The project is part of the project X 2 River Kwai