Small Apartment Decorating Ideas with Hidden Rooms

modern small apartment decorating ideas

want to make a decorative design in a small apartment? There are several ways to do. Sergey Makhno successfully applying for a small apartment which is located in Kiev, Ukraine, and you know waht, this small apartment just 50 square meters. awesome right? It consists of a small apartment! great space, serving as a space dedicated to relaxation and entertainment, and an open kitchen. All other parts of the interior

Beautiful Apartment Ideas with Classic and Modern Combination

modern living room decorating apartment ideas ostermalm

Beautiful apartment ideas this time came from the Ostermalm. This apartment looks unique because the owner combines classic elements with modern furniture apartment building interior. We see the classic design of the building visible from the high ceiling, fireplace. And for the apartment building’s exterior using double mirrors to the door. But after we entered. Classic impression is not there because it wrapped with a modern interior inside. Exciting is