Subline Innovative Home Design from Johan Danielsson

Johan Danielsson has created an innovative home design something that is very difficult and progress to something simple and orderly. By sub line they have developed a scale able house where you can combine and adapt to family needs. Here too the whole family an opportunity to participate in creating a future home. Behind sub line architecture reminiscent of small building blocks. Here, they are not the buildings that you can combine in a thousand ways, and create your dream home. In exceptional cases, it may be difficult to get an idea of ​​the shape of the house in the picture. Through their building blocks, where each block has its own function, the construction of the building is clear. What could be simpler? No, not really.

subline innovative home design

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innovative home design

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The following is a presentation of innovative home design sub line from Johan Danielsson of each unit:

Yellow blocks, 70 sq.m.

The living room, dining room, kitchen, dressing room, WC with shower – Including a beautiful living room with a beautiful room, thanks to the design of the interior ceiling, creating an interesting play of light. Large glass windows with double doors provide good contact with the outside garden.

Blue blocks, 17 sq.m.

Entrance, laundry – The entrance to the grand entrépardörr welcome. The entrance hall is large and intelligently planned with a big clothes storage. Blue block can be reversed, which means that the port door on the other side of the living room.

Light green blocks, 19 sq.m.

Master Bedroom with en suite WC / shower – An excellent bedroom for parents with good storage and a private toilet with a shower. The attractive windows, providing natural light flow both while creating privacy and seclusion.

Dark green blocks, 18 sq.m.

Two bedrooms – Use these rooms as the children’s bedroom, den or media room – the possibilities are many.

Purple block, 20 sq.m.

Multipurpose room, a library, a media room, a children’s section together or antechamber to the parents bedroom.

Here is extra space, which is usually very important that a home should feel airy and large. Birders can give children who live or media with TV and movies.

Light blue block, 19 sq.m.

Light blue block provides the ability to combine graceful terrasstak a same architecture as the house is built.

Gray blocks, 36 sq.m.

Garage and storage – Available in various sizes and you can choose to connect the garage to the house, or a standalone if desired.

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