Storage Container Home Design by Benjamin Garcia Saxe

No need of the housing crisis to realize the importance of building costs both at home and abroad. A 40,000-dollar home, this storage container home consists of two containers not only habitable but also beautiful, and attract people who can not afford anymore. Benjamin Garcia Saxe is an architect of Costa Rica with a new perspective on the storage container home, recycle container and mix of classic to modern, using materials and sustainable strategies. Two containers loft and staggered toward the East / West, center metal roof, raised and angled to catch the sun and facilitates passive cooling. The result is something that (for some of us, at least) more attractive to some prefabricated, and certainly much cheaper to make storage container home.

storage container home view outside

storage container home interior design

storage container home design

storage container home design interior

storage container home design by bgs

storage container home design by benjamin garcia saxe

storage container home design bathroom

storage container home design at night

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