Simple Home Design Eco Friendly and Energy Saving

Simple Home Design – Lifestyle began to lead to Eco friendly. Eco friendly can be applied also to the design of the house. That is what appears from these simple home design. Eco Friendly and Energy Saving. The sunlight can enter the house through a number of openings. So that during the day the house does not need the light of a lamp. Occupancy designed by Edward Suzuki and Daiwa House Kougyo apply the concept is simple and energy-saving. It is seen from the overall design of the house, one of them the look of the facade of the house. The dominant white house facade coupled with the element of wood in some parts. Although not many plants, the architect remains a touch of green. On the home page there is a grass that is placed in a square field.

simple home designWhite became the dominant color simple home design. Field boxes that seem rigid softened by elements of wood and greenery on the home page. White pebbles are also placed on the home page. The architects chose not to use the fence on this house.

simple home design stairsLight can enter through the large windows located near the stairs. The position of the window in the middle simple home design is channeling light to the four sides of the room. During the day, the owner can take advantage of the abundant light for illumination.

simple home design living roomThe middle section of space filled small glass table and chairs with a unique shape. Colors in simple home design remains the dominant white color. Some rooms use parquet floors. Living room appear brighter because the light entering from the large windows that are close to the stairs. Some plants in pots also decorate this space.

simple home design interiorThe dining room adjacent to the living room becomes warmer with a window to enter the stream of light. The many windows allow light and air flow more into the simple home design.

simple home design bedroomColor combination of white, black, and brown to make it look comfortable sleeping space. A pair of the bed is placed at middle of the bed, there is a small window is vertical as one of the sources of light in the room.

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