Seaside Modern Home Design with Luxury Interior by Touzet Studio

By unifying and reconciling two different styles: modern and historically an attractive residential project completed called Coral Gables House created by Touzet Studio. Located in Miami California where the award-winning architect and design firm. Located on the seaside where the landscape is getting pretty sight and definitely one of a very cool place that breathes sophistication and comfort. The owners are committed to have a house full of life and enlightenment.

Seaside Home Design Ideas With Luxury Interior By Touzet Studio

Floor-to-ceiling windows allow light to permeate into the home with ease. Moreover, the existence of a small terrace house situated between the two large volumes and complements the decor soothing pool. Water side of the building has been expressed as the actual nature of this home. Panorama of palm trees besides the pool also reflects tranquility and warmth. Combined with a comfortable and relaxing interior. Equally important associated vents allow light to permeate into the home with ease due to the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Back View Modern Home Design Ideas By Touzet Studio

Modern Interior Design By Touzet Studio

Modern Home Design Ideas By Touzet Studio

Outdoor Terrace With Sea View

Modern Seaside Home Design With Wooden Ceiling

Seaside Home Design With Outdoor Swimming Pool

Seaside Home Design At Sea Side By Touzet Studio

Terrace Design With Sea View By Touzet Studio

So luxurious and bright!

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