Powerhouse Company Integrates in Traditional Danish Home

The Village House located in northern Sjælland, in Denmark can be considered a fresh home. The area was quite populated with traditional Danish homes. The residence was designed by as a holiday home the residence was designed by Powerhouse Company. It describes several views generating a variety of scenery, outdoor areas and light effects.  It enables variety of meaning that the house provides an enjoyable environment all year round and at all times of day. The best views of the outdoor spaces can be offered by each room. Inside, the colors of walls are white that enables you have feeling in the living environment. The next descriptions in the home are the natural materials, the colors, the textures and the modern decorations. The points of home can be obtained such as safety, warmth, excitement, enjoyment and comfort. A home is about the way it makes you feel happiness and think cleverly. This is a beautiful home!

Dining Room And Kitchen View At Minimalist Home Design Ideas From Denmark

Details Structure Minimalist Home From Denmark

Home Section

Home Plan Ideas From Denmark

Minimalist Interior Design Ideas From Denmark

Minimalist Home Design View From Sky

Minimalist Home Design Ideas From Denmark From Another View

Minimalist Home Design Ideas From Denmark

Modern Interior Design Ideas From Denmark

Neat Interior Design Ideas From Denmark

Site Home Plan

Simplicity Hallway And Stair

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