Peaceful Living: Sleek Modular Mobile Home

Minimalist modular units Designer Studio Condo situated in Krajn are presented immediately hit it off! In a nutshell condo presents a beautiful frame with rounded corners, whose walls are made of glass. Heating, cooling, installation and electrical wiring are hidden in the walls, floor and ceiling. The most impressive property of the project (which was originally discovered by the Adelto) is that the owners can drive where they want – on the water, meadow, and so on — as well as the design of its internal space can be customized to your liking.

contemporary mobile home design

the concept of the project was a naturally derived from social needs: “we currently have an opportunity to observe the growing change in the lifestyle of people who require new forms of housing. Space is becoming more and more scarce and residential architecture is changing rapidly-moving from a typical family home construction to the creation of smaller, prefabricated residential buildings. These ingeniously designed buildings are created from the amazing modern materials so that they have much stronger links with the surrounding landscape. In such areas there is a quality of life at a much higher level, “explains the designers. Condo high and is currently available in customization in five different versions like: multi functional Pavilion, party, summer kitchen, mobile living unit and a residential building.

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