Modern Mountain Home Design Fireproof and Flood

Designing a modern house which put more pressure on the earth’s elements like fire and water. i slope at an altitude of 7,300 feet or 2,225 meters. this modern mountain home design fireproof and flood raised off the ground and no one lives below unless the stone. Meanwhile, when a flood occurs, water will flow into the ravine below, windows are able to withstand wind speeds up to 135 mph. Moreover, this house is also environmentally friendly because energy is used efficiently. The house is insulated with foam tight and dissipates heat floor, while the windows provide cross ventilation when the house feels too warm.

modern mountain home design fireproof and flood

modern mountain home design

modern mountain home fireproof

modern mountain house

modern mountain home ideas

modern bathroom ideas mountain

lonely modern mountain home

bathroom ideas mountainsolar panels on the outside of the house provide energy to the occupants. By integrating passive design, penthouses blocking direct sunlight during the summer. While during the winter, will warm the concrete floor.

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