Modern Home with Beautiful View in Costa Rica

Located in on top of a dramatic cliff, the residence has a view of the Pacific Ocean and the beautiful green beach, this awesome house was designed by architect Victor Canas and located in the province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. By having beautiful view with a beautiful view of the sea and of course the stunning panorama so that it is predictable and would be very hard for anyone to not turn around and certainly would be very interested to see the house.

Bedroom Design With Ocean View At Costa Rica

Entering the house through the front door and there will be concrete tiles will you tread. Just go inside, you will find wonderful experience to look at tasteful decorations adorn the spacious interior, making it difficult for anyone to not fall for this place. Great aesthetic effect and satisfactory created to support beauty through concrete and wood elements are combined and done in detail and subtle. In addition, Splash of red to orange color and a simple color palette here and there. The side of the building facing the ocean has floor to ceiling windows for unobstructed views towards the terrace, infinity pool and so on. Thus, with a total living area 4500 square meters, have a house and then spend time with the beauty and panoramic sea views like this would be a dream holiday. So impressive!

Bathroom Design Idea With Ocean View

Cliff House Architecture By Victor Canas

Hallway Idea

Minimalist Interior At Modern Home Costa Rica

Modern Cliff House By Victor Canas

Modern Cliff Architecture By Victor Canas

Modern Home Exterior With Ourdoor Swimming Pool

Modern Cliff House With Beautiful View

Ocean View

Modern Kitchen Design At Costa Rica

Terrace Furniture At Modern House Costa Rica

White Bathroom With Traditional Touches

Wooden Staircase Design At Modern Home Costa Rica

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