Minimalist House with Interesting Architecture Details

Sharon Neuman Architects Oded Stern-Meiraz cooperated in the design House & N, modern residences situated in city Yehuda in Israel. The House is habitable area of 260 square meters sprawls on the N on the land with an area of 500 square meters. The construction is characterized by an interesting architectural detail: white brick wall, which protects the construction in high smeared on the direction of the street, thereby providing a high level of protection. Extended terrace on the first floor through a long gap in the outer wall of the way to the suggests the main entrance. The concept of this House was inspired by the work of minimalist artist Walter De Maria called Goticky shaped drawing. The work shows a basic 2-d shape that almost looks as if the line only to counter the House it nakreslilo baby. The Interior of the building is spacious and extremely modern. See a virtual tour of the residences!

minimalist house with white concept

minimalist house with white concept 2

minimalist house with interesting design

minimalist house with interesting details

minimalist house design

minimalist house with modern traditional interior

minimalist house minimalist kitchen wooden dining table

minimalist house concrete stairs

minimalist house minimalist interior

minimalist house with minimalist outside view

minimalist house with crystal hanging light

minimalist house with crystal hanging light concrete mini stairs

minimalist house with minimalist interior design

minimalist stairs design

small white bedroom

minimalist kids bedroom white concept

minimalist house with interesting decorating

minimalist bathroom with small tile details

minimalist bathroom design

minimalist bathroom design white concept


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