Japanese House Reflecting Exceptional Link with Nature

Says that the shapes of the circle and the sphere are associated with success and perfection. Project designed by Japanese Architects named UID Pit House is one of the most amazing and the most bizarre of residential premises, what we’ve ever seen. This House nature reflects human need to belong to a greater whole. The idea of unity is expressed through the roundness, the perfect symmetry and fullness. Living space designed around a central round hole surrounded by trees, and a rich vegetation and round rhinestones is a place that is dedicated to meditation.

the requirement of clients was a compact House, which focuses on the benefits of green to the Interior. The main materials that were used in the construction of steel, wood and glass. The first floor has been thanks to the steel structure highlighted meter above the ground. Thanks to the residents of the House to admire the panoramic views of the city. In the Interior of the House was used by a simple design and minimalist furniture. From the ceiling hang bulbs intersecting branches of the trees. The result: a cheerful game svela and the shadows. Airy and cozy atmosphere of the House, which is environmentally friendly, you almost invites you to have found a place, sit down and oddychovali. Bohémska, a simple and innovative atmosphere encourages the unconventional lifestyle and creates a strong link between nature and man. If you had the chance, would you choose such a concept for your House?

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