Healthy Living Home Ideas from New Zealand

Healthy Living Home Ideas from New Zealand – have you ever thought about the alphabet as inspiration for creative home design? Studio Creation of architecture completed development of the magic House M. a family of simple residences in Auckland, New Zealand: “this little project casts a glare at it, as well as small change and additions can make a positive contribution to a way of life. The newest addition to the building was as small as possible. The aim was to preserve an area of courtyard. The shape of the roof of the existing house was suppressed by the Dutch double back so that it is so small. ” In this way, they are all living spaces and natural light in winter covering.

a roof in the shape of the letter M is also visible inside, where it forms impressive high ceiling and contribute to a dynamic environment. At the core of the House is a large living and dining room sociable, which proceed out there: “Justice, thanks to the outside of the bench becomes an extension of living space. It allows you to implement activities and family reunions as well as outdoors, when additional space is needed. The new seating area provided by the family of Sun-drenched space where they can meet and share their day experiences. Piano, who stood in an old unused free room is now located in the main seating area, where it plays on a regular basis. ” Enjoy a virtual tour of the House and let us know if you find this project seems so cozy, like us!

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