Floating House Plans Design at Thailand by Agaligo Studio

This floating house is Located in the famous mountainous environment and next to the bridge on the River Kwai Kanchanaburi, Thailand and designed by Agaligo Studio. These floating house are the element that distinguishes the rest of Thailand Kanchanaburi. floating house is their incarnation the most modern and comfortable while keeping the authentic aspect of these magical floating house. The project is part of the project X 2 River Kwai Resort.

floating house plans thailand

front view floating house design thailand

modern floating house design thailand

floating house design thailand

attic floating house design thailandLocated at the bend of the river level, all units are oriented in a way that has an optimal view on the beautiful river and the layer of the Sun the afternoon. The main structure of floating house is made of a steel framing, covered with plywood and fiber-cement siding. The construction of this floating house was installed pretty quickly and with very little noise do not disturb other residents in the surrounding area.

floating house design thailand outside

floating house design thailand view

modern bedroom design floating house plans thailand

bedroom floating house design thailandThanks to the large sliding doors, the Interior of this floating house is bright. They also give the impression of more space because inside these floating house are quite small. In addition, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the sky and the River at any time, even lying in her bedroom!

bedroom design floating house thailandLiving in a floating House is an adventure for some, but in the town of Kanchanaburi in Western Thailand, it is quite normal. These floating house have everything that is necessary to live daily: bedroom comfortable, modern, small bathroom kitchen, terrace and balcony. floating house is a very successful marriage of design, comfort and habitat. Through this project, Agaligo Studio designers relive an existing tradition for a long time in this area by putting it in the context of contemporary design.

contemporary floating house design thailand night

bathroom interior floating house design thailand

small bedroom floating house thailand

nature bathroom floating house design thailand

floating house plans design

floating house design scheme thailandwe have another floating house plans design from friday architects

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