Float Home Design Work of Friday Architects

The house this one really floats and can sail like a ship! Friday Architects has created a float home like a ship named “The Float wing”. This floating house can sail up to 7 days at a speed of 3 knots (5.5 km / h). Such as residential in general, this float home also has Living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen. More surprisingly, this float home has luxurious amenities, like a heater, AC generators, storage of wine, and a barbecue on the top floor. Yes, Float home has a rooftop that used to be a grilling. The house this one was fit to fill your vacation. Want to try it?

float home design

floating home design

float home design friday

float home

float home design interior

float home design bedroomThere is not much furniture, the bedroom is simply furnished with a bed alone. However, this will not diminish the beauty and comfort in the rooms. No half, this house has 3 bedrooms!

float home design kitchenThere are three spaces together, kitchen, dining room, and family room. Even so the room remains ergonomics. So even with a dining room and kitchen on this one.

float home design living roomfloat home design living roomA family room at Float Home is still visible homey. There are sofas and chairs that can make us relax in the room. Moreover, this floating house has many openings that allows us to see the sights.

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