Curved Architecture for Minimalist Modern House Design

The house displays a curved geometry and special architectural elements. This house is also fresh, minimalist and very modern. A small pond front home look more modern impression shown. The interior is minimalist and modern. By having atmosphere of friendliness impressive living room, the interior really looks minimalist and modern. It also have green grass like carpet and a giant window looks as if you’re sitting outside. Inside, added a touch of nature indoors with green color and a room to expand and maximize the natural light the color white was chosen. Designed by Austrian architectural practice Caramel Architects, this super modern home has been created for a young family in the suburbs of Vienna.

Ceiling Design Ideas With Glass

Curved Architecture Details

Exterior Modern House Design With Curved Architecture

Minimalist Interior Design With Wooden Floor Ideas

Minimalist Interior At Modern House

Minimalist And Modern House Design With Curved Architecture

Modern Interior Design With Curved Bookshelf

Modern House With Nature Touch

Modern House With Modern Interior Design

Modern House With Curved Architecture

Modern House Design With Curved Architecture And Nature Touch

Modern House Design With Curved Architecture

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