Contemporary Wooden House in Switzerland by KM Architektur

Only the shapes of simplicity and large glazings that represent a piece of contemporary architecture work. In details, the interior itself this wooden house also designed in quite minimalist style in order to highlight views of nature instead of furniture objects. Say you can not have awesome water views if it is not neceessary if your home does not located near an ocean. It could be located on shores of some lake like on shores of Lake Walensee in Switzerland. This is special design from K_M Architektur and features so that The Walensee House not only can be viewed of the lake but also view of beautiful mountains near by. Glass windows also directly overlooking the lake provide natural light to the room bright and airy ambience adds. Being surrounded by nature the home is made mostly of wood which blends with surroundings very nice. Truly, you have to see for yourself the beauty of this house.

Wooden House Design On Lake

Beautiful Mountain View

Front View Wooden House Design At Mountain

Wooden House Design At Night

Bedroom Design With Lake View

Dining Room Design With Modern Chair

Fireplace At Wooden House Design

Side View With Big Glass Window

View Of Lake And Mountain

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