Unique Modern Furniture from Car Parts

Unique modern furniture from Car Parts will add to the aesthetics of the space. By doing so, the space will look different and, of course, provide its own nuances. Moreover, if you’re like automotive. Perhaps, this could be the inspiration for the interior of your home.

As time now many shaped eccentric furniture. Typically, with unique furniture shape is only intended as a room decoration, but also not all. There is also has a function as furniture in general. Has also been used to make furniture from used goods. In fact, now many are using wood from demolition of old houses and redesigned into a slick furniture. Back to thrift, let’s look at this one. No half, furniture made from car parts that are not used anymore. With high creativity, unused car parts into unique furniture that has to come back.

unique chair furniture carBack of the car transformed into an artistic bench. Luxurious look is also obtained from a gloss finish. Unique! Car exhaust is not removed so the bench look special.

unique clock furniture car platNumber plate used as a wall clock. Simply add the clock and voila! So unique wall clock!

unique furniture


unique table furniture carThis table uses the car roof. Slicked then mounted glass roof. Yes, with a simple as that, the roof of the car turned into a table so cool!

unique modern furniture

unique bedroom furniture carNot only limited to the table alone, part of the car is transformed into a bed. With the support of other decorations, the bedroom will give different shades.

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