Space Saving Furniture: Transformable Sofa

If you really do not have much space but need to accommodate many things clearly the Calypso Chair by Brandon Allen is for you. It provides several different functions and to have an ingenious space for saving design. This space saving furniture furniture is good-looking and also functional by becoming a couch, with or without lap trays. It becomes a two sided chair. More special again, it can also be folded and can become a table.  In addition, it enables users with doing activity such as writing to have an informal conferencing and offer different sitting positions while studying. You will find easily a quite large storage space on underneath the sofa and a place as store the backrest of the sofa for an additional surface are on top as well. This transformable sofa a good choice to have space saving idea.

Calypso Chair Space Saving Furniture Transformable Sofa

Space Saving Furniture Transformable Sofa

Transformable Sofa Space Saving Furniture

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