Simple Small Bookcase from Luka Pitnar

Luka Pitnar create a simple small bookcase. To help you to organize your book collection. The design is simple and small, that shaped the field of rectangular box made of wood. But who would have thought, simple small bookcase can perform aesthetic. With a little creativity, you can create patterns and designs on the walls of the room in the house with several this simple small bookcase. Small bookcase simple installation can be tailored to the interior of the room to appear harmonious. Here there is a simple small bookcase that you must have at home.

small simplebookcase

simple small bookcase

simple small bookcase furniture

simple small bookcase designIn addition to its primary function as a place of importance book store to look neat, the appearance of the bookcase is also nothing wrong note. You can also choose your favorite color, Colors such as yellow on this bookshelf can brighten the room at home. You can install the simple small bookcase in the living room, bedroom, and even in the kitchen. In addition to books, you can put gadgets such as tablets or you can also put a small-sized kitchen furniture. You can buy only $ 5.635.

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