Simple and Modern Bookcase for Child’s Room by Reinier De Jong

Shelf as a place to store goods, could appear as a beautiful room decoration and design it as long as you set it appropriately. As one of the main keys in the storage system, rack into one investment that must be considered by every household. Rack or hanger is an essential element for any home goods storage. However, if we can not set it properly, it gives the impression of the presence of a shelf cluttered and rundown. Therefore, a word of caution, where and what is appropriate is placed in the rack. Specifically, bookshelves of course its main function is to keep good books he had read and that only for mere display.

wooden bookcase for chilld's room

To keep things elegant and simple this one was designed by Reinier De Jong as well. This small bookcase design definitely speaks for itself and he also believes that his projects should be useful and strong enough without explanation. Basically, there is also a story behind REK bookcase jr. He explained that his son really like his little books despite the iPad and its countless toddler apps. Of course they were left all over the place and the box which contained the books was regularly turned upside down. Then, he decided it was time to make his own shelves.

modern bookcase for child's room

According to the space that he needs, He definitely did not think for too long about a children’s bookcase. Next, he also made REK bookcase junior for his son’s second birthday a scaled down version of REK bookcase. To fulfill his book collection so that five sections can be pushed or pulled out to position look like the original REK. The wood is finished with an organic linseed oil wax. This one is entirely made of poplar plywood. Poplar here is not only a lightweight material but very eco-friendly( harvested from responsibly in Europe and it grows quickly). In short, it looks that this REK bookcase is powerful as media storage as well.

rek bookcases available size

detail modern bookcase by reinier de jong

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