Retro Style Graffiti with Traditional Storage Furniture

It was inspired by the classical years of Formula-1 races and Paris this collection was made. Then, it is called Capri a new furniture collection presented by Portobello Street. The furniture look fabulous in modern, romantic, retro or even traditional interior. The most striking in such pieces are available in different colors such as beige, silver and red. All the parts are made of cherry wood, MDF and thick glass with glossy silver or other finish. Besides, there are a sideboard and a cupboard in the collection increasingly add very unique. By having graffiti in retro style they are decorated beautifully and it can be called innovation in order to decorate furniture traditional with touching of modern graffiti in retro style. Below are the pictures and it’s fantastic furniture!
Retro Storage Furniture With Traditional Graffiti Style

Retro Storage Furniture F1 Style

Retro Storage Furniture Eiffel Tower Style

Retro Sorage Furniture Arc De Triomphe

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