Multifunction Furniture Small Spaces for Small Apartment

Small space does not become a barrier for Peter Suen and ICOSA. With smart they pour your creative ideas with small multifunction furniture named domino’s loft. Optimal and make the room into every corner of the room to be useful. Maybe ICOSA with Peter Suen designed this for young couples. Very comfortable There is a lot of strategy design and the configuration of the loft. There are more than 10. Soon we see some of these amazing photos.

space saving furnitureA custom and prefabricated construction materials design, incorporating the Loft bed for guests, a dining room, a dressing room, two spacious bedrooms and ample work space. All of them made of concrete panels and wood slats, metal elements and furniture manufacturing s tailor in a store in Oakland. All ingredients have been regrouped at sites in the financial district of San Francisco. Domino Loft surface is 46 square meters. Kitchen and bathroom separate, while everything else in the same small space.

space saving furniture ideas

space saving furniture ideas storage

space saving furniture for apartment

space saving furniture designThe main bed was placed above the main hall. A removable ladders installed to access it. The space behind the staircase serves as storage space. One of the designers of ICOSA, Irby, mentions that their team has managed to create a bed end as lightweight as possible. In the vertical position, the bed turned into the Board. This, in turn, is one of the walls of the dining room and work space. This section includes tables and folding table packed. Part of the building includes a bench to sit down while eating. This bench can also serve as a seat when placed his shoes. Internal level bench serve dressing.

multifunctional furniture small spaces

multifunctional furniture for small spaces

multifunction furniture small spaces

furniture for small space

functional furniture small spaces

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