Modern Shower Bathroom of LED Lighting by Graff

In the bathroom, not just water, but the inspiration is flowing. In the bathroom it’s not just the water that fell from the shower, but there was also the inspiration that fell into our heads. This modern shower led lighting column comes in chrome, white powder coated finishes and black. It looks the classic look of a shower column so that the design is very modern. This is a take a shower in a new modern way! It is inspired by water itself the shower column Ametis by Graff is obviously modern appliance as the movement for you bathroom. It was made of hollowed brass, the durability is working well due to this faucet also offers an aesthetically pleasing design. Here, you can take shower in blue, red, green light and white to eliminate dreading feeling as well. This modern shower led lighting is unique one because by integrating LED lighting system which changes from blue to red and vise versa depending on the water’s temperature.

Graff Shower Led Lighting

Modern Shower Led Ligthing Red Led

Modern Shower Led Ligthing Green Led

Modern Shower Led Ligthing By Graff

Modern Shower Led Ligthing Blue Led

Shower Led Ligthing By Graff

Shower Led Lighting For Modern Bathroom

Shower Bathroom Design With Shower Led Lighting

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