Modern and Futuristic Home Office Furniture by NOS

OUR Mexico Studio develop projects related to social impact. His team created a socially conscious design. The business model is working with key partners, while maintaining flexibility and a taste for innovation. In this case, they presented two modular furniture and very functional for modern and futuristic office furniture.

modern home office desk ideas nos

simple modern office desk design

modern home office desk funiture by nos

modern home office desk by nos

modular home office desk furniture

modular home office desk ideas

The “Tessella Desk” is designed to open and collaborative spaces. There are two parts in a hexagon shape, easy to handle. They allow four different ways of combinations to produce the desired model. All parts are made of three sheets of MDF 15 mm. Movement and easy handling.

modern wood book storage

modern book storage by nos

modern book storage detail

The “Bookshelf LVL” is a modular shelving system that can be adjusted in three positions. In this way, objects can be stored on either side or more. This is a modular system which allows bilateral separation. Shelf and legs used to create storage space size and usage. All the pieces of furniture are made of two sheets of 15 mm plywood. This library very easy to carry.

modern table design

modern table design detail

futuristic table design

The Design Studio is working on a very creative project NOS and designs in several different areas. This creates an Office furniture and chairs and table design. Two design objects designed by the studio. This is our little bonus for those who love innovation and design the future!

To complete the look of a table design “Tessella Desk” by NOS, here is a selection of designer chairs Office Chairs: Home Office Chair and Chair of the Conference.

cool office chairs design

futuristic office chair

home office chairs cividina

modern chair design by nos

modern modular office chairs

modular office chairs

modern office chairs

pink office chairs

small desk chair modern design

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