Funny and Provoking Light Design

Coming from a designer named Roly-Poly Jung Jae Yup is one of the funniest designs we’ve ever had the opportunity to see what kind of lighting. The project is also known as the “Zen”, probably because of that, you have to be really strong in the State of meditation, to withstand and started to fool around with that lamp. Very us this idea, even though it is necessary to admit that like some people may find it a bit upsets, especially if the lamp light is not uniform and moves. However, until the lamp gets into balance, exudes the same kind of light than any other lighting. On the Internet we have found a total of witty, according to which the review is this product almost made for fans of boxing. Although it will require a truly tiny fists to “manage” this little lamp. Regardless of what you will find a use for it, represents a stylish and intriguing proposal, Roly Poly that is excellently suited to the room with the creative style. The information obtained through the Yanko Design.

rocking lamp


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