Best Collection of Hanging Glass Pendant Lights

Partially transparent, they can not only create the light fixtures, but also the desired atmosphere and deliver room more elegance. This practical guide to info graphics relating to the practical size of the lamps and their location to assist you in choosing the appropriate lamp for your space. best collection of hanging glass pendant lights

imagine as your dining room is softened further by these natural, handmade blew Transparent hanging lamps. These fixtures are ideal for space, where they meet your family and friends to enjoy a home cooked meal and a cozy atmosphere. A collection of Clear Band Pendant designed by studying John Pomp consists of three different textured, which luminaries are blown and the same technique that you can build in the form of countless different configurations.

Awesome Hanging Glass Bulb Lights Glass Pendant Lights

Of raw, natural character of these hanging lamps can benefit any space, whether it’s an elegant modern design or rustic affected area. Their design can be customized – their size, quantity and configuration, making it easy to pick the best piece for your home, or the entire group. You can also choose from a variety of hand-screens and also how close together they should be. However, please note that the dimensions of the glass may vary slightly as regards the manual production.

John Pomp, the founder of the study of John Pomp, he was greatly influenced by father during adolescence. In the following years his mentor him acquainted with the process of glass blowing. It was enough to realize that it is just his artistic mission. John began to pay and to learn about ancient and modern approach to the formation of a glass industry nature-inspired shapes. The artist describes his creation as the embodiment of the “ the purity of natural materials, using their basic historical and natural characteristics and achieves a simple, organic and modern aesthetics. In each carefully hand created a piece of his collection reflects 20 years of devotion to this craft, passion and undying which the artist creates in its multi-disciplinary Studio in Philadelphia. ”

If you want to see this artist at work and learn about the fascinating process of blowing glass, visit the Facebook page and let yourself be carried away by his Studio Pump John creativity.

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