Isolagiornotm Sofas for Small Spaces from Arkimera

small space often makes us very creatively and inspire us to look smart and functional solution for the development of our House. This is also the case of ARKIMERA design studio. Isolagiorno is a small room and sofa table. This discovery won the award for innovation at the festival “Germany Design Council of Design” by 2015 in Cologne, Germany.

small sectional sofas for small spacessofas for small spaces

This two-sided sofa is ideal for small apartments, houses, Lofts, rooms. There are a variety of sizes. It is made of natural materials: cotton and linen. This table is available in a light version and a version of the solid.  little big necessary, essential sofa a must-have for the comfort of the living room, family room and bedroom.

modern sofas for small spacessofas for small spaces

Isolagiornotm is a system that is more the new sofa table in which the sofa has two different functions. On one side is a standard sofa on the other side there are the usual chair seat height. A living will always be formed around two important elements: sofa and desk. This set is the heart of the home because most of the daily activities with respect to two key furniture. The purpose of this project is not only an increase in small spaces, but also strengthens emotions and new sensations. Simple and elegant appearance. It can be matched with any type of interior. sofa called the “Easy” (in French). Lacquered wooden table called “Solid” and white “Slim” (thin/skinny French) for dimensions (125 cm) and light.

sofas for small spaces

sectional sofas for small spaces

comfortable sofas for small spaces

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