Furniture for Bike: All In One Indoor Bike Storage and Rack

If you love cycling and you have one at home, you may already be asking how to integrate in your interior. So now you have the answer with this beautiful original furniture with bicycle Valdolibero that we will present in this article! indoor bike storage and rack

all in one indoor bike rackThis elegant piece is dedicated for urban bikers. It is specially designed to convert your bike into an indoor sculpture gives the main place in the heart of your interior decor.

all in one indoor bike storageThe original piece of furniture called “Bike Shelf” enables you to park your bike in the middle of your living room using stainless steel fasteners that can be customized depending on the shapes and models of bikes. Furnishings also include a dresser that doubles as a lamp that lights up the frame of the bike. A series of wooden beams can be arranged at the side panels for coats and accessories and Cabinet bottom compartment designed for wheel, helmet, shoes and other accessories you need to go cycling.

bike storage component

furniture for bike indoor bike rack

furniture for bike indoor bike storage

indoor bike storage detail

modern bike furniture

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