Shelving Office Desk Furniture Idea by Mathieu Lehanneur

Shelving Office Desk Furniture Idea – By combining the functions table with shelving system this desk provides minimalist and compact design, Mathieu Lehanneur designed Named Strates as functional and practical desk, with truly new look so that office equipment and kind of archive can be saved safely in shelves. Furthermore, the designer Mathieu Lehanneur combined two things in one on shelves and an office desk. The desk brings minimalis concept which has a shelf that can be configured in many combinations. Here, Strates System has choice of natural wood colors, black and white depends on your option and obviously you can find combination that suits your room decor. It can be seen that the design of this one has very dynamic, intuitive and scale able to become advantage of office furniture enable other furniture is easily assembled with other elements. The conclusion is that having simple structures materials and arrangements, Strates System can be great choice for your office or home office. Office Desk Furniture with Shelving Idea by Mathieu Lehanneur.

Black Shelving Office Desk Furniture Idea

Minimalist And Modern Shelving Office Desk Furniture Idea

Minimalist Office Desk Furniture With Shelving Idea

Shelving Office Desk Furniture

White Shelving Office Desk Furniture

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