Modern Small Office Desk Furniture by Catellan Italia

This modern small office desk will bring imagination and luxury to any room and will beautify study or office with an incredible way. You can choose the Island small desk by Cattelan Italia. It is created by Paolo Catellan, it has glass desktop an organically shapen wood. The small office desk’s base is made from stainless steel and absolutely offers sturdy support. Additionally, the top also has clear white painted glass, black painted glass, wedge and Canaletto. By having convenient, compact, and uniquely shaped this small office desk by Catellan Italy also offers fresh approach for conventional desk furniture. Its sturdy surface will be able to withstand the daily demands of your job and your work environment. This makes a perfect workstation for your living room, bedroom and your office.
Office Desk Furniture By Catellan Italia

Small size of the table which makes it very suitable for offices with limited space. Clean, visible light does not overwhelm, but complements your office furniture. Proper table makes the difference between a regular and productive day. When replacing your office desk, get a small Island and table creates a stylish, functional space. It is a useful tool in establishing a ergonomic, productive and comfortable work area. Imagine that your ideas will come brilliantly when you are sitting at this table. By ading attractive style and contemporary this desk will make functionality to your office. Finally, it will keep your productivity flowing and also can help you to stay focused while you work.

Black Office Desk Furniture By Catellan Italia

Modern Office Desk Furniture By Catellan Italia

Small Office Desk Furniture By Catellan Italia

White Modern Office Desk Furniture By Catellan Italia

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