Contemporary Office Desk Design from Cosimo Desk

A great home office design absolutely makes the householder to be comfortable and will have full of spirit in working. If you are comfortable then of course they would be the maximum working time. The clean lines of Cosimo Desk certainly can be chosen as a contemporary home office design to act as focal piece for your home office. Here, with two drawers storage space on each side a central clear glass has been transformed in the project. Besides, lightness and elegance also adds the layout of the chrome metal itself.

Design working and interior decorated home offices needs balance and fulfill these categories such as your personality, decoration ideas, and also the ambiance of your workplace. These ideas has been designed by architect Marco Zanuso Jr. and commercialized by Adentro , the perfect balance between contemporary and functionality as the description in the Cosimo desk. An eclectic room filled with color increasingly added to be able set a balance and its minimalism concept into the need a large array of objects.

Awesome White Office Desk By Cosimo

Contemporary Home Office Design With Cosimo Desk

Comtemporary Home Office Ideas With Brown Cosimo Desk

Comtemporary Home Office Design Ideas With With Cosimo Desk

Cosimo Office Desk Details

Home Office Ideas With Cosimo Desk

White Cosimo Desk With Red Chair

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