Convertible Sofa with Retro and Modern Touch by Rafa Garcia

“The Majestic Collection” collection of contemporary furniture, Convertible Sofa is included in that list. the design is simple and minimalist, retro-inspired. give the impression of a cheerful and relaxed. Here you will see some pictures of the Convertible Couch combined with different interior styles. something beautiful works of rafa garcia for you.

modern convertible sofa rafa garcia

Convertible Sofa is a drunk and a rational aesthetic is truly a modern classic picture update. Design built around functionality and simplicity. This will align with many styles of interior to create a tranquil and serene. The name of this sofa inspired by slender legs that help us imagine it as unobtrusive and lightweight furniture that blends gently into the outer space. Her feet improve the design, but also make it more sophisticated. It is available in two versions: bronze and anthracite.

convertible sofa with another modern furniture

Convertible Sofa is a piece of furniture with an irresistible comfort. its depth is reduced. Module and the sleeves come in a variety of dimensions. Thus, a large number of parts was created to adapt to real needs. This Chair is very nice. It is made from a mixture of fiber and foam viskoelastik. The pillow provides gentle.

retro convertible sofa

Rafa Garcia is a young designer who was part of the creative heart of Sancal. He is the author and creator of the section became an icon for the water and Eleva brand. Among the newest and most notable creations is table Rock and Techno white sofa. Rafa Garcia has long been inspired by the retro style with a Convertible Sofa. In a recent paper, touch a little retro and the presence of a strong minimalist look.

interior design with white and blue convertible sofa

minimalist convertible sofa

modern convertible sofa for modern and retro interior

modern interior with convertible sofa modern

white and red convertible sofa rafa garcia

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