10 Living Room Ideas for Apartments with Wall of Books

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You never think to design your living room apartment is filled with books? Here we have some living room ideas design for apartment that makes the book as interior decoration. For me the presence of books in the apartment is very important, because the book is a window to world knowledge. often we put the books that we have in place are small, why are we not making books at

Modern Interior Wall Texture Design with Stone, Brick and 3D Ideas

You are ready to transform your interiors with wall texture? Look at this post, some drawing inspiration interior wall texture that is ready for you to apply in your home. There are many basic materials used to make wall texture, such as brick, stone and wall cladding in 3D. there were also make wall texture by using a specific pattern that is repeated arrangement that makes a beautiful piece for

Minimalist Living Room Design Ideas

minimalist living room design ideas with green carpet

Right now when a space becomes very expensive, land prices go increase up every year like crazy to make a minimalist theme a very realistic option. Hence at this time we often find homes that apply minimalist theme in the home or office that they wake up. Well one of the area which is now the most widely use minimalist design is the living room. The living room is well

New Ideas Decorating Small Living Room Look Bigger and Elegant

decorating small living room

Decorating a small living room can be very difficult. because the need special consideration in decorating a small living room. Here you will learn choosing furniture for small living room placed. soon we see new ideas decorating small living room. You can use wallpaper or mirrors to make your small room more vibrant and elegant. especially if your room gets a little sunlight. This will feel you are in a

Best Ever Luxury Living Room Interior Design

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Want your living room look passionate and luxury? Back light on the ceiling and decorative lighting in the home or use accent lighting, Luxury living room will feel. However, you can also play them on the furniture. You can choose furniture with carvings. Thus, the living room look luxury, classy and glamour. Using white on space will give broad effect and clean the living room so that the impression of