Living Color Idea: Living Room with Yellow Accents

yellow accessories for living room

look a new living color idea for spring? Sun, daffodils, birds singers and gold – yellow is the most joyous of all color and yet rarely found in modern decor. Why? Perhaps because the yellow is too bright and adventurous. Or perhaps simply because it is difficult to find yellow decorated. In this article, we’ll explore some beautiful examples of modern living room yellow accents that show the flexibility of this joyful

Trends Contemporary Living Room Decoration 2016

trend living room 2016

start looking at trends contemporary decoration living for 2016. Yes, of course that we at electhouse, have already made our little research on this subject. Today we would like to share with you what we found because it is really very interesting. Colors and different prints, ecological materials and metallic finishes – these are the most important accents of contemporary living room Decoration in 2016. contemporary living room decoration in blue shades The first

How to Decorate a Living Room More Cheerful

living room design mural ideas

The living room is a space where you are with the family to spend time together at home. Obviously you have to make the living room into a comfortable place to spend time. Selection of the appropriate features that can make the family room becomes more enjoyable. What are these features? He we have ideas How to decorate a living room more cheerful following 4 step. How to decorate a

Colorful Interior Design Ideas for Living Room

Colorful Interior Design Ideas With Unique Table Decoration

This is very awesome colorful interior ideas for  living room and this one is right if you need. It also reminds of spring or summer. The special atmosphere bright colors obviously perfumes of summer and the design offers fresh colors and the patterns of flower can make people get happiness. Furthermore, the style of design reminds of mid century which can be seen in the furniture one, funny accessories. In

Living Room Interior Design Ideas from Gisele Taranto

Living Room Design Ideas From Gisele Taranto

This living room interior design has been created by Brazilian architect Gisele Taranto in collaboration with art curator Mara Fainziliber and lighting designer Maneco Quinderé as part of, a significant event of national architecture and decoration held in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. In a exciting manner, the brief of the project was created where a tradition place meets contemporary decoration. Gisele Taranto gives description as follows: “Floor, walls, ceiling kept